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Tribal Art
Blades | Clay | Metalwork 

I have been engaged in the business of purchasing, selling, evaluating, photographing, appraising, and researching African tribal art since 2004. My primary focus in recent years has been African blades – both genuine and inauthentic – as well as photography, consulting, and exhibiting. I am available for private appointments in Oakland, CA. I have dedicated many years to cultivating my expertise in African art, particularly traditional arms, metalwork, terracotta, and the material culture of Nigeria’s Tiv people.

All works of art on my website are unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic and accurately described.

I offer photography, appraisal, and consulting services to individuals and institutions domestically and internationally. I participate in the tribal art community in an active and meaningful way, and occasionally in the public forum. To subscribe and receive updates about my website and activities, please register.