Inauthentic Short Sword in the style of the Eastern Songye / Kusu
Ceremonial / Status Axe, Lunda, D.R. Congo
Inauthentic Prestige blade In the style of the Yakoma, D.R. Congo / C. A. Republic
Copper Kota Double-Eye
Inauthentic currency object inspired by a throwing knife, ndondo-guindza, or ngindza
Inauthentic Luba Dagger, D.R. Congo
Contemporary Throwing Knife, gbo or ndundo
Inauthentic Fishtail Knife, Kota, Gabon
Parade Sword Mongo Mpamba D.R. Congo
Inauthentic Crownless Throwing Knife Banda, Central African Republic / D.R. Congo
Inauthentic Onzil Knife with Long Handle, Fang, Gabon
Electroplated Copper Epalang Mbuun Yanzi
Inauthentic Throwing Knife, moko-ndo Ngbaka Mabo, Central African Republic / D.R. Congo
Inauthentic Oshele Currency Blade Nkutshu / Ndengese, D.R. Congo
Inauthentic short sword in sheath, Luba, DR Congo
Inauthentic Kreish Kresh Kreisch Kreich Throwing Knife